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Art. Craft. Ingenuity. Those are the deliverables that distinguish The Napoleon Group and the reasons creative thinkers and innovative brands trust us to instill impact and performance in their previsualization and test advertising.


Drawing on an evolving portfolio of specialized services and styles—animatics, cinematics, live production, art, audio, 3D VFX/motion graphics—Napoleon fashions captivating experiences that spark consumer curiosity, inspire brand loyalty and fuel product sales. In short, we provide deeper consumer insights and consistently higher test scores by creating customized content that connects, compels and converts.


Founded in 1985, The Napoleon Group is a full-service previz, commercial test and digital content company with a legacy of unrivaled authority and an eye firmly focused on the future. Seizing an opportunity for growth and expansion in 2013, Napoleon moved to New York's nexus of creativity and technology, the vibrant Flatiron District, and created a dream studio—a one-of-a-kind, more than 14,000-square-foot contemporary office and facility on two floors that's perfectly suited to the changing nature of the advertising business.


The new project-centric space features a 12-camera Vicon Bonita motion-capture system, a spacious green-screen stage and custom-built edit and audio suites that combine comfort with a stylish efficiency, all seamlessly tied together with state-of-the-art infrastructure. The studio boasts an open-air workspace for 40-plus animators, editors, designers, illustrators, modelers, compositors, scripters, character artists, motion-graphics artists, producers and creative directors that facilitates creative synergy among staff and clients alike and inspires our savvy storytellers to greater heights.


For industry-leading talent, a collaborative culture and a facility designed to exhilarate, agencies seeking a truly creative partnership know where to turn: The Napoleon Group.



Products & Services


Napoleon Animatics bring storyboards to life. Select your preferred style from our roster of international artists and illustrators, let our team of exceptional animation artists and editors add motion and audio and watch your story unfold just as you imagined it.



Collaborate with our character artists, mocap artists, animators and compositors on a Napoleon 3D Cinematic and you can completely customize a character’s look, style and movement. Dynamic action can be directed in-person or afar.


Live Production

Distinguished by a stable of directors, DPs and digital artists plus an in-house green-screen stage, Napoleon’s Live Production services can bring a photograph or HD video into full focus and customize and track backgrounds into any shot. With a variety of available techniques, digital production easily scales to accommodate budgets and schedules.



With more than 25 years experience and 50-plus artists and illustrators based around the globe, Napoleon’s Art services are literally world class. Utilizing both traditional and digital pipeline techniques, we can deliver whatever style or aesthetic is right for your project. Storyboards, comps and art designed for fluid animation are produced both in house and out.



Napoleon’s full-service audio department offers VO recording, mix/edit sessions, sound design and music composition. Two newly constructed soundproof audio suites provide the perfect environment to find just the right track for any production.


3D VFX/Motion Graphics

Raise the bar with Napoleon’s 3D photo-real product renders, dynamic motion graphics and engaging brand demos. Our team of designers and digital artists offer beyond-the-box thinking to develop and deliver brand recognition.

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